Wendy House


Wendy House


What do we offer?

We install wendy houses in a number of styles in Cape Town and surrounds . Some of our installations include:

  • Cement fibre wendy house
    An ideal option for use as a garden shed, dog kennel or playhouse for kids, this type of wendy house is very solid and requires very little maintenance after installation. Made from a special cement fibre board, these wendy houses are resistant to water, pests, fire and rot. They also age well even when exposed to elements such as sun and rain.
  • Wooden wendy house
    For a practical, traditional option, a wendy house made from timber is an ideal choice. We use wood that is sturdy and guaranteed to last a long period of time. These kinds of structures are great for garden sheds, kennels, or even as extra accommodation.


Why choose us?

We use only the best products, and are able to advise you on the particular type of wendy house that is best for your building. Our team of skilled and experienced builders provides quality workmanship and we pride ourselves on our reliable and affordable services.