Bricklayers & Plasterers


Bricklayers & Plasterers


What do we offer?

When it comes to bricklaying and plastering, we have a team of expert bricklaying contractors, and we use only the best suppliers for this type of work. We manage the entire process to ensure high quality workmanship and the best possible materials.

We provide bricklaying solutions for various levels of construction, from residential renovations to new developments and large-scale commercial projects. We offer custom packages depending on your unique needs, whether you need small repairs done or have a big project in mind. We will find and manage a reliable team for every kind of job.

Some of our bricklaying services include:

  • Wall retention
  • Brick repair and installation
  • Bricklaying for houses and flats
  • Bricklaying for carports, patios and other outdoor spaces

We also offer professional plastering services for residential and commercial spaces. Plaster helps to insulate walls and can vastly improve the look of a building. We are able to find a professional plasterer for a wide range of jobs, including repairs, walls and ceilings.

Some of our plastering services include:

  • Dry wall installation
  • Plaster boarding
  • Repairs to water damage
  • Bathroom plaster work to complete the look of renovations
  • Full house renovations
  • Plaster patchwork
  • Plastering of fireplaces