What do we offer?

We offer a wide range of painting services in Cape Town and surrounds. Whether you need a painter to do some basic home painting inside, or are looking to update the exterior of your house, our team of professionals is able to help. We also do roof painting, and a variety of specialised coatings. From residential homes, to commercial buildings, high-rises and apartments and complexes, our painting team will work to find a solution that suits your particular needs.


Why choose us?

We use only the best products, and are able to advise you on the particular type of paint that is best for your building. Our team of skilled and experienced painters provides quality workmanship and we pride ourselves on our reliable and affordable services. As one of the top painting contractors in Cape Town, we work hard to complete jobs quickly and efficiently, ensuring that the highest level of work is conducted in a reasonable amount of time.


Why opt for a painting service?

A simple paint job can go a long way towards refreshing the look of your home or office space. Repainting a roof is an affordable way of increasing its longevity, as paint serves as a form of protective layering, and can in fact help to reduce temperatures inside the building.

Painting walls inside home helps to improve the aesthetics of a space, particularly if you have recently completed renovations. When it comes to painting interior walls, our team makes an effort to work as efficiently as possible to avoid inconveniencing any residents for too long.

Painting of exterior walls is an important part of building maintenance. We offer affordable painting solutions for a wide range of buildings, from residential homes to office blocks and apartments as well as a variety of commercial spaces.