What do we offer?

When it comes to pavement, we offer a wide range of options, from driveway pavers to pool decks, patio paving and walkways. We can also do paving for commercial spaces.

For driveway paving, we offer a number of designs and colours and use only the best quality bricks for durability and minimal maintenance.  Don’t hesitate to speak to our team about the design options available, as we can assist with finding an option that best suits your aesthetic style.

A pool deck can be paved in a number of ways, so the style that you choose will depend very much on the function of the space and its size, as well as on the budget you have assigned to the renovation.  Similarly, outdoor patios can be paved in various styles depending on what you typically use it for. The materials you choose will differ according to function -- from braai areas to small living areas and large entertainment spaces, there are various materials, patterns, shapes, finishes and colours that can be used.

For a walkway, we take maintenance into consideration when choosing materials, so that the paving is durable and resistant to weather and other factors that cause wear and tear.