What do we offer?

We offer a wide range of options including security gates, as well as basic garden and driveway gates. Our team is able to install gates in Cape Town and its surrounds, and we have a wide variety of designs and styles available to choose from. We use only the best products to ensure durability, and we pride ourselves on the fact that our team works quickly and efficiently.


What kind of gate should you choose?

We have a variety of options available, and our team is happy to help you choose the kind that will best suit your needs. Some of our options include:


Steel gates

Steel or metal gates are a great low maintenance option, as they are high quality, rust-proof and aesthetically pleasing. We are able to install steel gates according to your exact requirements in terms of size and design. Whether you are looking for a house gate, or security gate, we have a range to choose from.


Wooden gates

Wooden, or timber-clad gates are an ideal option for garden gates, as they can be designed to match the style of your home. They can also be coated in materials like aluminium or PVC if you’re looking for a low maintenance option.


Automated gates

Our team is able to install and service automated gates for residential and commercial properties.


Gate repairs, services and maintenance

Our team is able to assist with any repair or maintenance issues you may have with any type of gate. Automated gates require regular maintenance as they are exposed to the elements and suffer general wear and tear. Our team will ensure that your gate is functioning properly and make any necessary adjustments or repairs.  Whether you need an upgrade, have a motor that needs to be refurbished, or have a gate that is not working as it should, we can help.